Players Survey - Please take a few minutes to help us improve the game

Complete the survey here

We are looking for more information about the player base. Please answer this quick survey to help us improve the game. Thanks.


Thanks a lot. It is much appreciated. Thanks to everyone else who completes it too.

yay I helped.

Is there any place to see the results? I’d love to see the numbers on some of these.

The results will be published on the forums for everyone to see. Don’t worry.


Done :smiley:


Done :slight_smile:

How long it will be active?


I did it!

Didn’t take long at all, hope it helps somehow someway.

For a while. Maybe 2 weeks.

Gosh, I’m always late to things… But I did it and I really like the idea of doing a survey like this



And big thanks to all devs for awesome work!


Pitched in a good while back, but confirming here. Done.