0.F community vote

Back in the early days after 0.D released I sent out a survey for what features people wanted to see. I made the mistake of using a sub-par survey type, which made it hard to parse the data in a nice way for you all to view after.

Learning from my mistakes, I have made a new form for 0.F in a format that shouldn’t shut me out and hide data from me. I also simplified the format a ton, because there’s no need for a lot of granular data here.

As it says in the form, the volunteer nature of our project means nobody can guarantee any of these features will get made. However, for a lot of our contributors, knowing something is highly demanded can help to tip the balance towards working on that thing rather than whatever other sparkly idea caught their eye. As well, for the highly demanded ideas, we may make them release blockers - meaning 0.F can’t come out until those are done, provided we don’t run into prohibitive problems producing them.

I’ve already triaged this into a list of things we know are wanted in the game. Now you can help push for what you specifically think is important.


Wait … does “thanks, I hate it” mean “No” or “yes, but this is gonna suck” ? :smiley:

Lol, it was intended to mean no


This survey… The vast majority of it is content i’d love to see implemented.
so a lot of things got a lot of votes.

Thanks for putting this together, this is great!

While honestly it all looks good, I have to say the stuff on here that excites me the most would be transhumanism choices / balance, an expanded system for a power grid for your base (!!!) and NPC development.

I absolutely love all things related to bionics and mutations, and frankly have no problem with them having supremely powerful endgame results so long as they’re gated behind progression you gradually improve on, with risks and opportunities in equal measure.

Anyway before I ramble on, thanks again for all you do! Best of luck in the new year! : ]

Yeah most of this is really good stuff. I tried to give a hard yes to only the stuff I really want, but I certainly wouldn’t mind any of these changes really.

The answer scope is a bit limited. Some additional stages (“I dislike it”, “I like it” being the most obvious) would be nice.
Also there are some fairly disparate things. Roads, Z-levels and biomes thrown together, for example. I can’t in good faith say that I love the last one but I’m not indifferent to it either. But since it’s bundled together with one thing I really, really want to see (vehicles passing under bridges being an excellent example) and another I want to see more than many other things (railroads with trains, hand cars and so on) I’ll be saying that I love it.

Although I certainly understand that it’s more time-consuming to make an even larger and more complex survey. Just some feedback.

Options were kept limited for data parsing and because many of the options in a single category are fundamentally interrelated.

In the case of roads and biomes, it’s mostly that biomes are almost a foregone conclusion, but also some of the changes with them will be better with more road support.

I get that, I’m just saying how it works from a pure user viewpoint. Sometimes it was really hard for me to see things from that viewpoint. And I’m not saying it’s the case here (I have next to zero relevant data to make conclusions of this nature).

Sorry, I want it all and more lol :joy:
Mush! Mush! Just playing :wink:

I would love for water z levels so that the fish mutation would have a bigger use (underwater houses yo).

Thing is, if you are going to implement z levels for water, might as well improve z levels for everything.

A dwarf fortress z leveling would be coolest, but that is a one heck of a challenge


To solve this, simply ask Tarn Adams if you could use some of Dwarf Fortress’ z-level code for Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.
You can contact him at toadyone@bay12games.com

This email address is publicly available at the Bay 12 Games official website, under “Contact Info and Acknowledgements”, and is where I found it, in the event that anyone possessed curiosity.
If I recall correctly, both games have been programmed in the C++ language.

“Let me have a proper power grid in my base instead of some hokey hack with a vehicle”

My reaction:

What should I put for a soft/conditional maybe?

For instance:

Revamp laboratories to be more varied facilities of all sorts for more exploration, such as sprawling bunkers or weird alien habitats.

Sounds nice but if it just results in more areas people don’t bother visiting because there isn’t really anything worth going there for it seems like a bit of a waste.


Fix armour layering at long last, so armour can have weak spots and things, making it possible to have much more detailed and interesting equipment loadouts

Is this going to go both ways and we will see armour that really should be better then it currently is improve? I’d dearly like to give running around in full plate armor a go or try some other armours out but the encumbrance/coverage/warmth factors just make them subpar to other armour types.

The plan with labs would be to split the current lab loot across various different types of labs and other facilities. So, you’d to to a bunker for military gear, a robotics lab for power armour stuff, a bio lab for mutagens, things like that. The aim is to reduce the one-stop-shop of labs, and add more variety of places to explore st the same time.


I thought it meant yes lol

Definitely excited for the prospects of more medical/injury systems, and a change to armor. I know none of it is guaranteed to actually happen, but the prospect has me excited regardless. Map changes too, but still.

We spend most of our time in the game (playtime, anyway) looting, fighting, and testing our mettle and gear against the enemy. More detailed medical systems is always in my interest, I want my field medical kit to be all these things I can use in the right situation. I want my armor to be reflective of real life weakness, regardless of how satisfying being an immortal tank might be. I don’t want to be dealing with constant risk of instant death, but I do want my days of looting to either end with me feeling lucky, or feeling pained as I patch up assorted smaller wounds.

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This does not work the way you think it does.

  1. Tarn is not forthcoming with his code, and I’m absolutely certain he would not be ok with releasing chunks of it under a license compatible with C:DDA.
  2. Support isn’t a matter of some special trick for handling the problem that you can simply copy, it requires innumerable solutions to problems unique to each game. The way things work in df and the way they work in C:DDA almost certainly bear no resemblance to each other.

Okay. In retrospect, my notion may have been slightly flippant, worthy as a pun or joke. However, one method of approach has been ruled out from the possible solutions to the original idea.


“Work out a system for exercise so I can get stronger over time (will probably come along with a new Endurance stat)”

A while back I started tinkering with the mutations JSON to try and make them more interesting/viable and came to the conclusion that the strength/mutation system really needed to be reworked and bonuses/penalties displayed more clearly- something beyond my capabilities. Examples are things like- being large (how large, exactly?) don’t adequately represent having a larger body- realistically it’d give a lot more stomach capacity to help with fulfilling extra calorie requirements, but for some reason that bonus is given to the Hibernation? trait instead (ursine threshold) and only while it’s toggled.

A lot of bonuses are also hidden and not told to the player, like the aforementioned hibernation mutation only hints that you can pack on the pounds, not that your stomach magically grows larger while hibernation is active. Likewise, the size mutations change calorie consumption and a few other things, which makes perfect sense but also isn’t communicated to the player (I couldn’t find it in the JSON either, but that’s probably just my shoddy ability).

But back to the point- it’d make a lot of sense to tie dynamic physical stats with a new mutation system- say strength becomes a modifier for the minimum and gain/loss of physical power, with much less impact on the maximum, but mutations can benefit one or all of those things or be a % modifier on final strength. Probably what I’d be most excited to see of all the potential changes and would hopefully make high base stats less of a no-brainer pick :slight_smile: