Plastic bags useless?

It claims it can store 6 liters of stuff but I can find no way to store my goods in these bags solutions? or just an unfinished thing?

The small plastic bags that you find food in are used for crafting, the bigger wearable ones are used as storage when worn like a backpack for the hands.

You can only store liquids in containers and even then just in water-tight ones. Most of the time, you actually want RESEALABLE water-tight containers.

So basically: yes, plastic bags are useless if you want to store your stuff. However, there are a few other uses for them.

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The vacuum sealer and its associated recipes use plastic bags, so they do allow you to preserve food. The dehydrator does the same thing though, so you may not want to unless you don’t have a dehydrator handy. There should be differences in the nutritional values of the foods, depending on how they were preserved, but I haven’t checked to see what all differences exist.

There are plastic shopping bags(worn item), and then there are just regular plastic bags(non-worn version).

The shopping bags(worn item) have the dmg indicator bars, like other worn clothing items. It must be worn/held on/in your hand, which has already been mentioned, similar to the way a backpack would be worn on your back. You can craft a “pair of bag gloves” and a “pair of bag socks” with the shopping bags, and possibly more but I do not believe I have personally crafted any of the items from them myself.

The plastic bags(non worn version) can be used for crafting recipes, arrows in particular is one I can think of that I’ve used (you can also use cardboard or feathers instead though, I believe, so they aren’t absolutely needed). You can also take 3 plastic bags and make a plastic chunk, if you have a plastic mold, which can be used in many recipes(see: Though you can get plastic chunks pretty easily by just salvaging clothing from dead zeds or at the fire station when you go to get firefighter gear or nomex patches anyway.

I am a hoarder in game so I usually just grab everything and take it back to my pile of items. That way when I go to craft stuff I usually just have it all close by, so i usually just keep them in the ‘spare parts’ or ‘other’ pile.

Plastic bags allow you to make raincoat that is needed for survivor armor.
And, yes, you might not be able to just FIND a clean raincoat if you play with filthy clothes on.

I thought they added filthy clothes to the base game so the mod was no longer needed? Or did they just add a filthy tag that they are going to flesh out more?

This says it has 36 recipes

It’s still a mod, it’s just one of the mods that is ON by default.

It’s still a mod, it’s just one of the mods that is ON by default.[/quote]

So what is the filthy tag for clothes scavenged from the dead for those of us who have the mod off? The name isn’t brown in the inventory and stuff, like when you have the mod on, but they still have the filthy tag and can be washed… is it just in the base game so the mod can detect filthy clothes or something and it doesn’t impact anything without the mod on?

edit: must be for the squeamish trait, guess I haven’t been needing to wash my clothes in game after all lol.