Bug with plastic shopping bags

I’d imagine you can still carry around a plastic bag with talons or tentacles and whatnot…

Only one OVERSIZE flag. This isn’t a bug. Enhancement request, perhaps.

Ah, I wasn’t sure what I should call it. I assume it’d be easy to fix, right?

For functional purposes, you’d just need to add the oversize flag to them. Design wise, KA, I know that’s your territory. To me it makes sense that you’d still be able to use bags with talons/tentacles/maybe even paws. However, I know lack of usable equipment is part of mutation balancing, so…

Boots and gloves as well as most other clothing being restricted makes sense, but you would still be able to carry a plastic shopping bag- even if your hand was a tree branch.

I can vouch for trees being great at holding plastic bags, it’s common litter here come springtime.

Isn’t it New York’s national bird or something?