PKILL-4 bug

So, I’m trying to make some high powered painkillers for Elvis, but when I go to put them in the game, regardless of “tool”, it just treats all PKILL_4 drugs as heroin, and says “You Shoot Up” even when they’re pills. Why?

Yea, it assumes that anything with PKILL_4 is heroin, need to clean out that whole section and make the behavior properly configurable from the JSON, probably just by moving the PKILL strings from use_action to flags, and using just one PKILL use_action. Then you’ll be able to mix and match different painkiller effects (e.g. currently PKILL_3 gives you a large hit of DI_PKILL2 and a small hit of DI_PKILL3, PKILL_4 gives you a large hit of both).

Is Json even C? Or C++?

D-D-d double post!

If you want to get it to have a different printf make the pkill_X a floating interger and make it 3.5 to make your own.

Might require some copy pasting but it should work with my 5 minutes of reading a book on C.

JSON = JavaScript Object Notation

My mortal nemesis.