Pistol Crossbow should probably use pistol mods

Version: 0.C-16771-gcceac62. SDL.

Effect: Pistol Crossbows can use the following mods, and only the following mods:

Underslung Shotgun
Sword Bayonet
RM121 aux shotgun
Rifle Scope
Rail Mounted Crossbow
Masterkey Shotgun
M320 GLM
Gyroscopic Stabiliser
Forward Grip
Diamond Sword Bayonet
Diamond Bayonet
aux flamethrower
Adjustable Stock
40mm Pipe Launcher

Asides from being able to mount a crossbow on your crossbow so you can crossbow when you crossbow, these don’t make really sense, and should probably use something like:

Pistol Bayonet
Diamond Pistol Bayonet

Pistol Stock

Improved Iron Sights
Pistol Scope

Match Trigger

Ergonomic Grip
Gyroscopic Stabiliser

yo dawg , i heard you like crossbows so we put a crossbow on yo crossbow so you can fuck shit up while you fuck shit up