More crossbow variety

I think the player should be able to make or find other types of crossbow such as

  • Composite and compound versions of the heavy and repeating crossbows
    • Unsure of how well composite and compound construction scales up for the heavy crossbow, couldn’t find examples of massively upscaled composite/compound crossbows, would like input from anyone more knowledgeable
  • Motorized crossbow - A motorized version of the repeating crossbow. Has the added weight of the electric motor and other components. Can be activated on or off, enables a two-shot burst fire mode when on at the expense of electric power.
  • Double crossbow - A crossbow with an extra pair of limbs, increasing damage, range, weight, dispersion (slightly), and reload time. A middle-ground between normal crossbows and heavy crossbows. Composite and compound versions should also exist.
    • Double heavy crossbow - A heavy crossbow with an extra pair of limbs, for an obscene amount of power.
  • Two-shot crossbow - A crossbow that is effectively two crossbows stacked on top of each other, allowing the player to load and fire two crossbow bolts. Unlike the rail-mounted crossbow, both crossbows have the same strength and can be fired at the same time in a two-shot burst. Composite and compound versions should also exist.
  • Rifle crossbow - A modern crossbow designed for high-power, long-range shots. Has an integrated telescopic sight. Uncraftable due to the modern materials and precision involved in its construction, must be looted from a sporting goods store.
  • Sauterelle and crossbow launcher - Crossbows designed to throw grenades. A poor man’s mortar and grenade launcher respectively. Valid ammunition includes a wide variety of grenades, bombs, and other containers filled with dangerous substances. The sauterelle requires a mountable surface but can fire much farther away. Probably closer to launchers in operation and physics of the projectiles, and as such should use the launcher skill. Rejoice, this is a low-tech, early to mid-game launcher option with readily available ammo.
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I think most of these are implemented in some way. Most at least discussed here:

-motorized - If Im not mistaken there is a mod that can be attached to existing crossbows that speeds up/removes the strength penalty for reloads. If not its at least been discussed

Double crossbow - DEFIANTLY been discussed, and I …think its been implemented oops VVVV
Think this one popped up in aforementioned thread… could be wrong, either taken as a thing to do, or the physics say that making the limbs stronger/better/thicker nets better results with lower dispersion than doubling limbs (similar to how jets are going increasingly with larger engines at lower engine numbers these days)

Two-shot Crossbow -DEFIANTLY been discussed, and I …think its been implemented

Rifle crossbow - implemented in a variety of ways. 1.scope mods 2.modern uncraftable variants of all* weapons exist with higher base stats to anything player can create without mods

Sauterelle - Don’t think this one specifically exists, but pneumatic weapons sort of take this role… though largely slightly more late game… slings and the like for earlier game. I can see this having a nice comfortable niche. sounds like fun


As far as I am aware there is no such mod. I have found some discussion of the idea. Apparently Kevin said that an automatic crossbow would never go into mainline (6 years ago), which I suppose is understandable if any automatic crossbow with a high enough rate of fire to actually warrant the motor is unlikely to be more potent than a glorified pencil shooter.

Double crossbow

If it’s to do, it’s been to do for a rather long time. You can already increase the quality of crossbow limbs by making the composite, compound, and heavy crossbows. Even if you make the limbs better, adding an extra pair of limbs still seems like an easy way to increase the power behind your shots even more.

Two-shot crossbow

Is not currently implemented, the closest thing we have is the rail-mounted crossbow, which I did mention and does not emulate what I would like to see in-game. In the two-shot crossbow, the two crossbows have similar power (rail-mounted is significantly weaker than other crossbows), and can be fired at the same time if the player chooses (rail-mounted can only be fired separately).

Rifle crossbow

A scope mod on any of the current crossbows is not what I am talking about. As far as I am aware there is no modern uncraftable crossbow currently. Currently the best and closest crossbow to the rifle crossbow is the compound crossbow, which is hand-crafted. The rifle crossbow is machine-made using materials the player does not have access to/can’t work with (e.g. carbon fiber), is built with a greater degree of precision than the player can achieve, and is more powerful and more accurate than any of the current crossbows except maybe the heavy crossbow.


I don’t think pneumatic weapons are anything like the sauterelle but I’m glad you like the idea. The sauterelle has relatively low reload speed, is single-shot, requires a mountable surface (or I think alternatively could have fold-out legs attached), and fires grenade-like projectiles. None of the pneumatic weapons share any of those qualities. The sauterelle is most suitable for long-range bombardment while the pneumatic weapons are suitable for cheap single-target damage at close to mid-range.

Hmm. My mistake on most then.

Double crossbow. - No, making the limbs thicker with the same material, should net a more accurate, (same accuracy instead of decreased) and higher bolt kinetic energy per lb of draw force as a double crossbow.

Essentially all a double crossbow is, is a heavier more eccentric heavy crossbow with higher dispersion due to having 2 strings on 2 sets of limbs