Picking a mutated poppy flower crashes the game

Had this experience a few times now. I (e)xamine a mutated poppy flower, select y to pick a flower. And the game becomes unresponsive.

No idea why. I do know I once got a poppy flower bud and some other object. So perhaps it crashes when the searching comes up empty.

I have a copy of a save file near a flower if that helps. (And I’m running windows, the Cataclysm DDA Version 0.2 release).

perhaps it is just wondering how long to make you sleep for.

Testing it a bit more, I have had the sleeping effect. But that one has been totally different from the waiting forever effect.

I have no idea then.

Oddly enough, I made a copy of my save, and ran that in a separate installation, and there the poppy flowers only put me to sleep as normal. Grmbl, hate bugs like that.