Disappointing farming bug

v0.7.1-1034-gb69c72d Curses.
i am located at a farm, where i have planted a marijuana seed in the shed earlier in the day, around sunrise i think, since i thought that was a pretty awesome new feature. farming definitely offers a less confrontational path to long-term sustenance for those of us who merely enjoy the survival aspect. i like the zombies but tbh i have never played such an awesome and deeply wrinkled survival game, and ive been following that scene for a long time, both indie and mainstream, from pc to console to pen and paper. i wanted to see how long the seed would take to grow and i was excited about my new prospective weed farm but oh well…
context: i went to the nearby town to grab my stash so i could permanently relocate to the Farm, and popped a tire, so i grabbed a jerrycan and some gas to fill up another car i spotted along the trip and ditch the current beat-up one. not sure if relevant, but i know details help. so when i get back to the Farm the game crashes and im pretty sure it has something to do with the bud i planted there, but im sure it could be a number of other things too.
i dont really know what to attach as far as save files, there are a bunch and im not sure exactly what map chunk the Farm is in. im going to start fresh anyway and dl the newest experimental Curses build if there is one so im not trying to get this fixed but i figured i should report it in case its an unknown bug. i wont delete the current directory, in case someone wants to take a look at something. i love this game and the direction it is going in, keep up the good work guys

This seems related to this issue (ie that seeds crash the game).

It seems that I am having the same issue as well. I plant a seed and then the save is corrupted, tested it again and the same result occurs.