ERROR Hard crash on flower pickup

Alright so, version 10746, picking up flowers gives you segmentation faults. Not dandelions for some reaon, mutated poppy and spurge have so far been the worst.

This is done with the base game, no mods whatsoever, not even the default disable npc needs.

flower pick crash

Since it’s not allowing me to post the text crash file, I’m going to post snaps.

snap 4

…It’s seems like it has something to do with the temperature of the item…

I’ll check it when I get the time.

Whoops, accidentally picked up a stellar plasma flower. That’ll sting for the remaining seconds before you’re obliterated.

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Oh, case solved then.
…This is not a bug, but a feature.

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Encountered a similar bug when harvesting Birch and Pine.

I believe this happens with all naturally occurring plants but dandelions at the current time. I haven’t tested if it effected farms. Hope it gets stomped soon, hard to continue the current playthrough with the risk of crashing on harvesting so many things.

Based on traceback (handle_harvest, set_item_temperature, get_freeze_point) and time it started happening, I suspect but I have not looked at the code.

Yeah, I’ve been actively keeping up on that one, decided to revert back to 10743, before it started. It started on 10744 so I highly suspect that you’re right Saw.

Confirmed fixed for me in 0.E-3197-g1a292a9 aka 10756