I don’t think i’ve seen any - i’d imagine a piercing/bashing attack with a higher time units cost

I like this maybe it could be found in the mines that spawn across the map, though it is the future so maybe there wouldn’t be pickaxes anymore

There actually is a pickaxe in the code, but it was commented out for some reason.

DarklingWolf was experimenting with making it a functional mining tool, but never got it working the way he wanted it.
Likely want to add that at some point, but without dwarven magic (or power tools, explosives), tunneling through rock would be pretty much out of the question since it’d take like a week to mine out a single tile.

Guys (inmates) working in shifts dug up a nice corridor, 10 meters long in a week. I imagine there were four of them, without the proper tools.

Still , when you’re alone in the apocalyps you gotta focus on gathering food and other stuff while the prisoners have nothing to do all day and they just chop at the wall with their fists.

How about creating the time so long that no /regular*/ survivor would do it.

  • Regular means that they dont have stockpiles of food and water, that they are not mad, that they are not creating a superbase, that etc etc.

Maybe something like 10hrs a tile?

Eh, I’d imagine pick axes in the near future would be some expensive super engineered hardware. Since demand for metals and such would be vastly greater.

Who knows, maybe it’s got a spring loaded harmonizer that crumbles stone away. (This is a real thing IRL).