Did something buff Zombie Brutes

They are moving faster than me with the Quick trait, and launching that special attack every couple of hits. Were they always like that?


They have a very small cooldown, and have always been slightly faster than you.

idk why they dont use their smash attack more often usually, but they can do it every 3-4 combat turns.

Run from them, and use bushes/tables and fire

30, not 3

The only buff they got recently was to their armor.

I just got crushed by these guys, two games in a row. They are very fast, and doing that throw attack every 3 attacks.

Does play Bad Day tweak them?

Nope, it can only slow you down.

I tend to run though a building and start it on fire and try and get them stuck inside… Yes it creates a ‘ton’ of noise… but whatever, early on brutes are death anyways.

gotta use bushes and fire. Let them knock you away from hordes and them. Especially in the dark