Nowaday i had an slightly unpleasant encounters with pests and i just realized there are no real pests in the game. We need the rats to eat food and gnaw on items. It should be mostly “behind the scene”, some newly generated items would be damaged and food would be less, replaced by rats.

Eight years ago I had an apartment which had an “infestation.” Fleas and Bedbugs…

I couldn’t sleep, I kept waking up to horrible scratching and itching.

I’d be plagued with bites throughout the day. More itching.

Parts of my skin which regularly got bitten (my legs) began to bleed slightly just because they were raw from scratching…

I was tempted on no less than four different occasions to burn the place to the fucking ground.

I know there’s already a "You feel itchy. " mechanic in the game, this could be another “illness” if you will that your character could pick up and have to deal with or remedy. Especially for those who gut the carcasses of wild animals or have pets around them.

I have no idea if it’s feasible to implement, but I put up with that shit for nearly a year, so someone else will share my pain!

*evil cackling.

Infestations of critters should be much more managable with all the overpopulation of the world being solved.

Parasites are a natural part of human life, and we’ve evolved with these critters, for better and worse. We even managed to domesticate a few for our gut and such.

Well, these specially bred fungal infected bedbugs beg to differ. (Which we created to fight off the goo infected STDs that have been going around).

But yeah, pests could be interesting as some sort of disease. But that would come close to a hygiene system, which was a no iirc. (from the design docs).