Personality Overlays for Robots/Hacked Robots

So I made a thread recently about adding more functions to the control laptop. One of the things I had an idea about later after someone mentioned adding the ability to give robots and turrets names, was giving them a personality, and the ability to change it.

I’ve never heard any robot speak in game (other than the malfunctioning cyborg), and having each type of robot have its own distinct phrase list or personality would be interesting. To be clear, I’m not talking about artificial intelligence or synthetic emotions; it would only be the SEMBLANCE of emotions and personality, designed to help robots better interact with humans.

But what would implementing this involve? I suspect it could be done in JSON, and would be similar to how the Mi-Go randomly parrot words. I think this is a function or tag in JSON which does this, but I’m not sure where the phrase list is, or how to duplicate this function. If this is the case, I think it might be easiest to simply write a similar function for each robot type, drawing from its own unique phrase list.

Some examples for default robot personality templates:
Police/Security Robot: RoboCop's Prime Directives / Shooting Range - YouTube
Military Robot: FALLOUT 4 | Mr Gutsy - All Voicelines - YouTube
Chicken Walker: You have 20 seconds to comply. - YouTube

In addition to having the option of letting a robot use its default personality, you might also be able to reprogram them with a control laptop to use a different model’s personality overlay, or even have an in-game option to create custom ones the robot would use for different scenarios. I’m not sure how this would be implemented, but I suspect it would not simply use JSON (though the input quotes might be stored in JSON).

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