More functions for the PDA, E-ink, and control laptop

A while ago, I wanted to make it so that you could track your vehicle with an E-ink in addition to a PDA. After coding some of it, I was told it wouldn’t go in if I finished it, so I abandoned it. I still feel like these devices are under-appreciated, so what functions should they have in addition to the ones they already have?

To start, I think the PDA should be able to be combined with the vehicle remote control to make a vehicle control PDA.

What would be great to support this and a lot of other requested features would be some way to have item compositions in a single item. So instead of having transformations like laptop computer->control laptop, you’d have laptop computer with a use menu with all the different pieces of software you have installed. One software might have vehicle tracking, one might hack robots. Electronic devices are the most obvious for something like this, but it could also be extended to replace the gun modding system and implement a system for modding armor.

I know that’s something similar to what Kevin wanted to look into, but afaik he’s mostly working on the i_at/item cache issues which should be a huge performance boost. I’m not a good enough coder to take on something of that size, but if you need someone to do grunt work on the json, I’m happy to help.

But yeah, I’d like to see a software system like gun mods, and for armor mods to go in.

IIRC weapon mods use a hacky system anyway and until that gets fixed, armor mods won’t go in. I guess someone needs to do a gun mod overhaul first, but I have no idea how that would work.