Hacked Turret Ammo/Health Check Option For Control Laptop

So, I’d like to recommend adding in three VERY useful features for the control laptop:

1.The ability to check the ammo supply of hacked turrets or robots.
2.The ability to check the condition (health) of the hacked turret or robot.
3. Automatic alerts from your laptop that ammo is running low, or a turret is heavily damaged would also be useful.
“Your control laptop beeps an ammo alert.”
“9mm Turret #1 is at 50% ammo capacity.”
“9mm Turret #1 is at 25% ammo capacity.”
“9mm Turret #1 ammo supply depleted.”
“9mm Turret #1 is at 50% durability.”
“you hear an explosion to the southwest”
“9mm Turret #1 is destroyed.”

Might be a good idea to make it able to work with Z-levels too, so the status of turrets at the surface entrance of a bunker or something can be checked. Maybe you could extend the laptop’s range to reach distant turrets and robots via salvaged wireless routers or something.


And perhaps also an ability to rename the turret, so you could have an easier time telling which turret is which.

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That would definitely be an improvement.

Slight derail, but semi-related to topic: I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout recently, and in that game you could hack consoles to activate Protectron robots, and choose which type of personality they had (firefighter, medic, police, etc). It would be nice for hacked robots to eventually have VERY basic personality software. I’m not talking true AI or emotions, I’m thinking it would be mostly cosmetic, something that was developed to help them interact with or appeal to people. Using the hacking console to change a robot’s personality would be a good feature if this were ever implemented.

I’d love to have a military robot companion with an attitude like HK-47, or a Mr. Gutsy.

The hostile malfunctioning robots you run across could also have a personality of sorts. I’m thinking something like this:

You could recode the already implanted “faction” menu, to show turrets. And then make it accesable only with the laptop or a vechile console. They would have to get their own flag code or copy the follower code and make it apply only to turrets.

Would be awesome

Who knows how the npc follower code interreact with the faction menu?

dpwb just did a rewrite of that code.

Yea, the most suited person for this idea would be him, #nameless_survivor, you could pm him about it :slight_smile: