Character Personality Traits & More NPC Interaction

   I don't even know if it would be possible to implement but I would like to see the addition of a personality system tied to the PC and NPCs. Either chosen during character creation or assigned at random your personality traits (amiable, rude, narcissistic, etc.), would affect interaction with other NPCs and would open the door for more realistic and interesting interpersonal relations. Possibly the addition of a sort of relationship slider that moved toward positive or negative as interactions between you and the NPC took place, and NPCs would be more likely to train, trade, and talk when it is on the positive side of the spectrum while they will refuse services and possibly attack/disable the PC when on the negative side. The interactions system could be developed extensively offering many chat options and responses relating to the personality traits of the PC and the NPC and how they relate (somebody who was narcissistic and somebody who was rude would not be able to interact easily and positively).
  This seems like it would add a much more memorable experience relating to NPCs and reflect the love/hate relationships that generally take place in apocalypse media. Thoughts, comments, and criticisms are welcome. Preferably constructive.

Hmm, I think we will need to finish the NPCs first, and then implement this system to avoid any future coding problems.
By the way, I like the idea.

For NPC’s? Totally, though it obviously needs to wait until we have better working NPC’s before it can go in.

For the player though? I’m not really seeing too much benefit. There’s a significant portion of the fan base that enjoy’s roleplaying their characters, and you can simply do better by allowing for the player to choose from any of the different interactions in a given scenario rather then limiting them based on whatever they said their personality was at the start of the game (and the NPC personality, obviously).