Persistent scent trails

Even with the spawn rates turned up, I find the game becomes terribly simply terribly quickly. Once the player has gathered a suitable set of basic tools or attained even a minimal amount of mobility the game devolves into sandbox-mode. Scent is an excellent mechanic, but I would suggest greater persistence with respect to player-scent. At present, there is nothing to prevent the player from stockpiling food and shutting themselves in for days at a time, honing skills and fortifying positions.

Alternate proposal: The longer a player spends within a certain radius, the higher the spawn rate rises, regardless of noise generated.

What if you’re playing on static mode with no hordes?

Long-range scent trails will be implemented, it’s just a matter of time.
Not a fan of having things spawn based on the player’s mere presence, if you want to go isolate yourself and do it right, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work.