0.C-5262 - Quest (log) system breaks between game sessions (inc. workaround)


OK, so I’m not sure if this is old info but I thought I’d put this here anyway.

If you’ve ever wondered why some quests don’t seem to end correctly, and they linger in the quest log permanently, then here’s something. It may not be about the quest itself being broken but the system in general.

Basically what I recommend players to do is that

  1. Launch the game
  2. Start a quest
  3. Finish a quest
  4. Talk with the NPC to report success BUT DO NOT START A NEW QUEST
  5. Instead finish conversation, make sure the quest log shows the quest completed, save the game, and close the program.

So what I’m trying to say is that never leave a quest unfinished in the same session. If you do, that way the quest entry seems to linger in the quest log permanently. I just successfully completed the “Kill 100 zombies” and “Kill horde master” NPC quests. I’m unsure if you can complete multiple quests this way. But you can safely start and finish individual quests. As usual, make backups of your savegames.

So now you can finally have a clean quest log :slight_smile:

Thanks, instructions to reproduce really help with finding the reasons for bugs.

It’s probably some sort of ID mismatch, I’ll check it next time I work on mission-related code.

Right, at first I wasn’t 100% sure about reproducing but I think it goes like:

  1. Start an NPC companion quest - either of the quests mentioned above. Other quests may or may not be affected.
  2. Save & close the game (to desktop - quitting to main menu may or may not suffice)
  3. Load and resume game
  4. Attempt to finish the quest by talking to the quest giver NPC after completing the task. The quest should be either impossible to finish or falsely remains stuck under the active quests category in the quest log.

I mean really the point is just to close the game while either of the quests is active, and the next time you’ll load the game you’ll find the quests can’t be completed. But yet, the quests CAN be completed if they are started and finished during the same game session.