Is there a debug command to complete current mission?

As the title says, is there a “cheat” to complete a current mission?

I’m doing the get software off a computer mission, but there’s no computer/console at the location.
This will be the third mission in a row that’s bugged out.

Yes, you can force a mission to complete from the debug menu.
You could also use the map editor to add a computer to the room and finish it that way. (It may be more graceful.)

Where’s the complete mission option in the debug menu? I can’t find anything that sounds like anything to do with missions there.
What’s the spawn name for the computer/console? I can only find a laptop in the debug spawn.

I think the mission option is under Player? I don’t recall where it got shuffled after the debug menu was reordered.
For the console, you can’t get it from wishing for an item, you’ll have to use the map editor. Select a nearby tile, press ‘g’ for the furniture list, and find the computer/console tile, a blue 6 in curses. Pressing enter there will replace the currently selected map tile with a console that you can use to finish the quest without debug-forcing anything.

Tried to add a console, basically says I can’t use when I examine it.
The complete mission option doesn’t seem to do anything as it’s still down as active on my mission list.

I’ll just have to give up with this mission.

Thanks for the help though.

Ah, there are two consoles, a broken one and a working one, you probably got the broken one. The working one should let you log in and show you the usual lab console stuff, with an added option to download data to an empty USB stick.