Password Reset Not Sending Emails?

I’ve been trying for days to get the password reset email and it just isn’t sending. I’ve verified my email with this login (on my work laptop - trying to get logged in on home PC that had a cookie reset). And yes, I’m checking junk and all that even though none of the bazillion forums/sites I have logins for ever go to junk for this kind of thing - nor does anything on my PC block any of that.

I was gonna try to change to a different email but one can’t do that without their password, which is kind of a bummer when you can’t remember it. :slight_smile:

Think it is best if you pm this to one of the forum mods.

Well, I tried, but I’m not sure who mods are or how to find out and the one I contacted never responded and the two I can identify haven’t been active for a couple months.

Yeah sorry, don’t know how to help you. But… it is kinda vacation time for a lot of people. So might help if you waited a little bit. (at least, I hope that helps).