Last experimental Bake quest from refugee

07:11:57.029 : Starting log.
07:11:57.029 INFO : Cataclysm DDA version 0.D-13398-g6dc97db
07:11:57.029 INFO : SDL version used during compile is 2.0.5
07:11:57.029 INFO : SDL version used during linking and in runtime is 2.0.5
07:11:57.088 INFO : Number of render drivers on your system: 4
07:11:57.088 INFO : Render driver: 0/direct3d
07:11:57.088 INFO : Render driver: 1/direct3d11
07:11:57.088 INFO : Render driver: 2/opengl
07:11:57.088 INFO : Render driver: 3/software
07:11:57.097 INFO : Active renderer: 3/software
07:11:57.245 INFO : USE_COLOR_MODULATED_TEXTURES is set to 0
07:11:57.394 INFO : Language is set to: ‘en’
07:11:57.994 WARNING : opendir [./mods/] failed with “No such file or directory”.
07:12:02.005 WARNING : opendir [./save/New Washoe City/mods] failed with “No such file or directory”.

acktrace emission took 0 seconds.
src/mission_util.cpp:240 [cata::optional find_or_create_om_terrain(const tripoint&, const mission_target_params&)] Unable to find and assign mission target bakery.

Sorry if I cut the log but forum say something about 10 users.
Also: Sorry for my english.

unfortunately this tells us absolutely nothing, you’re going to have to make an issue on github with a way to consistently make whatever your bug is happen.

Is not game breaking anyway.
Perhaps you know why I cannot make the fire station base? Is not implemented?
I m not using mods.