Help with garage door

In a building I designed I’m having trouble getting a winch (t_gates_mech_control) to operate, to open and close, a door (t_door_metal_locked). Any help would be appreciated.

Also, I can spawn the building if I add it to the “shops” list in data/json/regional_map_settings.json but I should be able to do it within my mod folder - how?

For winches to work they must adhere to this two conditions:

  1. They must be placed adjacent to a wall that is in turn adjacent to the metal gate. This means that they can be placed in any of the following spots:

6 6 6-+++++-6 6 6
where 6 is the winch, + is the gate, and - a compatible wall

  1. Walls can only be the brick, concrete, and normal ones. Nothing else will work, including the painted variants.

Great! It was the wall type that caused my problem with the winch. Thanks very much.