One off story/mission linear locations

One of the recent commits talked about a sarcophagus (spellcheck ftw), and in combination with thinking about adding STALKER elements to the game, I thought about spawning the Chernobyl Power Plant. Sort of like how mines can have items in them and stuff, it would be neat to have more locations that are like one-off story arcs or little linear missions. Like the CPP would be a search for the sarcophagus and the wish granter, and everything could be mostly static and have unique items or what not.

I think there are already some things in the game like that, but they’re so rare it would be nice if there were more. Maybe like a crashed alien space ship à la X-COM, or other things. The goal would be for it to be like its own little mini game with its own plot and everything.

It’d be nice yeah, but mostly I’m stuck on trying to survive drinking like 12 waters a day, waking up at 1PM, and now I can’t read past 7PM, so later game content is great, but I think for most of us it will be a while to get there. That and the lack of treadmill armor with the only defensive skill being dodge. Not necessarily a bad thing, it just halts a lot of my progress when I have to get to tailoring 3 before I can have semi-permanent clothes, and then it starts raining and my temperature would plummet, can’t sleep, and can’t craft (.4, haven’t seen how the git build plays much)

Maybe actions could have a nourishment/water ticker, so if I’m just waiting around or exploring via walking it won’t cost much, but I’d have to stock up for a long journey or satiate after a lot of combat/crafting.