Unique Locations

How about locations that can only spawn once? I think we have some of this with the NPC locations, but how about dungeon style locations that can be set once and then that’s it. Could be some higher end dungeons/content.

would be rather obnoxious if it ended up spawning during a night when passing by so it generated but was never seen/doesn’t show on world map. Maybe make some way that it can’t be permanently accidentally missed. Like a mission/ mission rumor (depending on distance from unique) that activates once multiple/all the quest lines have been finished.

Once we have such content, that would be easy to add. We’d probably want to make things the target of some quests to increase the chances of the player finding them.
Or we could cheat and only generate the area once it is found, though that has some consistency problems if you approach it from an unexpected direction.

Well I was kinda thinking of having multiple unique locations and you might run into one or two in a play through. Just my thought though. You could do it that way too.

Do you mean have a pool of (just as an example) 10 locations, and when making the world it picks 4 that will spawn, and the others never will in that world? I’m not really for or against, just trying to get clarity.

Yes to the pool. It doesn’t preselect them in my idea. It just has them and they have a low chance to spawn. If RNG is with you you may get several to spawn easily, or you may travel all over hell and damnation to find them. Having some be force spawned via quests wouldn’t be a horrible idea though the quests should be somewhat random also.

I see, yea that wouldn’t be hard. I wasn’t thinking about the location being spawned by quests, but the other way around, if a given location is spawned in a world, there would be a high chance of NPCs (or other quest-givers if we ever get around to that) having a quest involving said location.