On the subject of weapons

I am trying to make a weapon pack to fill some niches i have found during my travels and adventures,due to ease of modularity i based my weapons jsons on the ones from artyom and his mod,but i have issues regarding a compact homemade revolver.
here is the json of it but im unsure what causes it to not work.

“id”: “32revolver”,
“type”: “GUN”,
“symbol”: “(”,
“color”: “dark_gray”,
“name”: “survivor pocket revolver”,
“name_plural”: “survivor pocket revolver”,
“description”: “a top-break homemade revolver,custom made for ease of carry due to its tiny use and rather decent perfomance,its long barrel offers some help at giving it some punch over other .32 pistols.”,
“price”: 65000,
“material”: [“iron”, “wood”],
“skill”: “pistol”,
“ammo”: “32”,
“weight”: 650,
“volume”: 1,
“bashing”: 6,
“cutting”: 0,
“to_hit”: -2,
“ranged_damage”: 2,
“dispersion”: 140,
“sight_dispersion”: 70,
“aim_speed” : 3,
“recoil”: 10,
“durability”: 8,
“clip_size”: 6,
“reload”: 80,
“loudness” : 90,
“valid_mod_locations”: [[ “accessories”, 2 ],[ “barrel”, 1 ],[ “bore”, 1 ],[ “conversion”, 1 ],[ “grip”, 1 ],[ “mechanism”, 4 ],[ “rail”, 1 ],[ “sights”, 1 ],[ “stock”, 1 ],[ “underbarrel”, 1 ]]

thing is that i dont know what went wrong with this one,as my other ones seem to work just fine.

nevermind,found the issue,so be on the watch for another weapon pack,but this time it will involve crude,homemade,handmade or just plain not factory made firearms,custom clothing and such.
it will be the DIY pack.

The cutting field is deprecated, and loudness is being reworked. And [ “conversion” ] isn’t necessary anymore.

to get weapons to spawn as part of the loot tables i must use the item groups,but how do they work and how to write them is beyond my ability at this moment,may i ask if anyone has a template for it.
never mind,figured it out.