On adding ammo backpacks

So I finally found a flamethrower (!FUN!) and the sprite in the tileset is pretty cool: It shows the flamethrower itself as well as the pressurized liquid on the back of the character.

Except that’s not how it works in the game. Mechanically the giant liquid canister is attached to the flamethrower itself using magazine code and it adds no encumbrance to characters torso.

I think that adding this mechanic - ammo magazines as wearable items - would add greatly to immersion and balance of overpowered weapons like flamethrowers and hand-held miniguns. Same code could possibly be used for quivers and bandoliers for more mainstream usage. Maybe it could be included in the upcoming containers update?

Also is it my poor googling skill or is there no hand-held minigun in the game? Can’t even find anything about the RM360? Surely nobody thought that such an iconic item was too “unrealistic” for a game that literally has power armor to go along with it…

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There are multiple heavy machine guns in the game, including the Minigun, but they require to be mounted to fire. I never figured out how to mount one, though for a lack of trying. They can’t be fired like Schwarzenegger does it, which is in line with reality: they had to use a hidden support structure in The Predator.

Quivers and bandoliers already hold ammo you can fire, though there’s one action between having the ammo and using it: you still have to load the gun with the ammo they hold.

Wearable flamethrower canisters sounds like a neat idea. I can’t think of a way to implement it using only current JSON capabilities, so I guess this would require some C++ work. You could have secondary canisters stored in quiver-like containers, which is something you can easily do with JSON alone.

The problems with hand-held miniguns are:

  1. They’re too heavy to hold for normal humans
  2. Carrying 7 lbs of ammo per second of fire is too heavy and encumbering
  3. The recoil is going to knock most people over.
  4. Ground forces rarely need the ability to spew 100 rounds/second from a single weapon.

Powered armor addresses issues 1 and 3, but not 2 or 4 really.

Powered armor is more likely to want a rifle grip 0.50 BMG or a 20mm-25mm rifle grip cannon. Less dakka per second, but bigger and harder hitting.

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Oh come on guys. This is a fantasy apocalypse. If someone wants to scavenge for a month to produce a one second burst of awesome then let them even if or especially if it’s stupid and inefficient.

Here’s an ammo backpack perfect for a minigun. Above is a video of a guy shooting a hand-held minigun.
Who cares what the military wants miniguns for, who knows what they’d do if they had power armors. Miniguns fire-rate can be adjusted by the survivor that builds or modifies it. There’s bows that only mutants and cyborgs can shoot but there’s an allergic reaction to a friggin hand-held minigun?

God it’s bothering me how unreasonable that is.

Here, it’s even commercially available. -.-
Gotta love the sarcastic comment on that video:

“Movies are fake, you can’t hold a minigun like that”

Hey, if you want to add a hand-held minigun to the Aftershock mod, go for it.

Also, if you want to add a battlesuit sized 20mm rifle or a battlesuit 0.50 caliber “assault rifle” then I’m very much in favor of those. Big guns for battlesuits make sense.