Is bridge generation bugged? (experimental - 10813)

Recently, I’ve noticed that all the new bridges I’ve encountered are not “bridges” at all. It seems as if they’ve been replaced with elongated lanes of water, with evenly spaced concrete pillars. I can’t say for sure when this started (which build, that is), but the only functional bridge I’ve been able to find is one I ran across much earlier (definitely an earlier build) than the others. The past 5 “bridges” have been exactly like this, effectively trapping my vehicle within river boundaries.

Is this intended behavior? Or am I just really unlucky? I haven’t seen anyone else mention this, but the way the water lanes seem to cut into the terrain (it looks rather odd) leads me to believe this is a bug. Screenshots attached.

If I were to hazard a guess, this looks like an unfinished implementation of multi-level bridges, to allow passage for boats. Just a guess though.

Hm, this looks weird… It should be a multi-level bridge and they should be fully implemented at this point…:

Do you start swimming if you try to move into the water tile?

Yes, I tried climbing up as well.

The bridge terrains were generated before that update, but the maps after. So now, no upper level or access to it is generated, but the bottom support pillars are. Any new bridges you find will be fixed.

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That makes sense, I assume that reading a map generates the terrain, even if you’re far away from it?

Indeed, I’ve also just noticed the missing “ramp” overmap tiles in the screenshot.

At least the overmap terrain, which assignes what gets generated when you get there.

Ty everyone for the help. I don’t supposed I could fix this by building concrete ramps?

Sorry that we’re unable to help you more.
My only suggestion on how to “fix” those broken bridges would be to open the Map editor in the Debug menu and just place pavement across the water.

Yes, you can add the ramps, either in the map editor or via construction.

But wouldn’t the whole upper, “actual bridge” portion also be missing?
That’s certainly harder to reconstruct with the construction menu…

There are options in the map editor to change all the tiles in a specified area all at once. It’s entirely possible to climb up to z+1 and then create 2-3 overmap tile’s worth of raised bridge with only a half dozen keypresses. I know, I did it repeatedly when I was first creating the ramp PR and didn’t have the bridge mapgen set up.

I know that too, that’s why I suggested that in post 8.

The only problem I see would be to construct such bridges with the Construction menu, as it’s - as far as I know - not possible anymore to place “floating” floors since I’ve removed that bug feature from the gravel floor tile.

So, as I’ve said, constructing only the ramp with the Construction menu does not get you far…

Strange thing - I was exploring portion of overmap that was not near anything revealed by maps I read, and still got non-bridge bugged in the same way.
How exactly do maps work with mapgen? i.e. when does it decide what goes where? When the character is nearby, or does reading maps generate full chunks of overmap around related city even if all we see are roads and some buildings?

As far as I know: Yes. It generates the “whole map” (as in, from 0,0 to 179,179 overmap tiles, all z-levels), and if you read a map that reveals roads on other maps, it generates them too.
Now, when I say “generate” I mean that it basically draws that map, and that’s it. If you get close to it, it starts to actually generate the map data.
This way, a map you’re on, with no matter how much you revealed of the map, it’s always going to be the same (even if you exit without saving and get back in).

However, the place itself might vary, if there are multiple versions of that overmap tile. You probably will not run into the same house or basement you know from your previous (and unsaved) trip.
That’s why these bridges generate like this.

To get to unbugged bridges, you’d have to step on (or see a tile of) a new “whole” map (and, of course, they will only generate there).

If you find a way to reveal the map you’re on (and any other that you’ve generated previously), either by using the option in the debug menu or with binoculars (…, spyglass, …or other things) in combination with a high enough point, you could use the Overmap editor from the Debug menu to edit all the bridges you did not (personally) visit before, adding ramps and (one z-level higher) the actual bridge, so that when you’re going to visit them they should be fixed.

If anyone wants a full written and illustrated tutorial, let me know. Also, maybe @Vormithrax could make a tutorial video if we ask nice enough, as this is probably going to affect a lot of people?

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