... oh well alright then


how did i mess up crafting soup that badly?

That wasn’t from crafting. This happens a while after a flaming eye stares at you.
Also be careful, as stares from a flaming eye can also give you fungal infections.

there is absolutely no flaming eyes anywhere near me, nor have i seen one at all in this current playthrough.

i loaded up the character, saw i had soup in my hands, went to craft it, and that happened.

Teleport/teleglow effect might also cause that.

Crafting cannot cover you in bile/ectoplasm as a result for failing, meaning it was probably (90% sure) a monster - And the only one that can do this is the flaming eye.
Also, keep in mind that the stare effects can happen hours after the flaming eye gave you a stare, its not something that happens immediately.

i may have had the teleglow effect… somehow?

but this is my debug character, one that i use for testing stuff, he’s wearing a stealth cloak so he cant even -be- seen by flaming eyes.

… OOOHH i know what it was… i was messing around with the time dialation CBM and i must have gotten teleglow from that.

Yup, that’s highly possible…

ghost wandered by and skeeted on me while i was makin soup. rude~

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I mean, you DID disturb him - or her… well, “it” - in its realm first, with all your experiments… and might have knocked over stuff, who knows. It probably was just payback…