Offal is awful: Some ideas

I’ve noticed lately that with the butchering changes I find myself constantly drowning in offal with very little to do with it. Even with wasteland sausage I don’t have enough stomachs to compare with the amount of offal I get. Besides sweetbread there’s really nothing else worth making since cooked offal has negative enjoyment.

First off pretty much all the sausage recipes should require offal for use as the casing. Given that butchering animals already yields so much and sausages are already pretty good this shouldn’t really effect balance.

I would also suggest allowing tripe soup as a mid level cooking recipe and a canned version of the soup as well to give an alternative preservation method for offal so as to keep its nutrient goodness. (Canned offal only giving 7 nutrition for some reason iirc)

Pate would be a good high level cooking recipe that would allow one to take a single slice of bread and make a pate spread that would have high enjoyment while hot or cold (an excellent reading snack for early spring and late fall with the new freezing mechanics. Or eaten fresh and hot any other time.)

Slightly off topic but on the subject of meat and butchering it would be cool for the full butchery option to yield blood, for use making blood sausages and black pudding. I’m sure others could think of tons of other fun uses for blood as well, so an easier way to gather large amounts might be a decent idea.

I’m not a coder and I’m sure there’s probably one or two reasons coding this would be a pain, but I figured I would throw the idea out here and see what everyone else thought since I’ve been having loads of fun living in the woods and going through the whole process of preserving my kills. With the smoker changes it’s much less time intensive as well, which is what made me think of adding more types of sausage that sort of got me going on this whole tirade about offal.


Adding/changing recipes is easy, not a problem in the slightest. The only thing I see being mildly difficult is the getting blood part but depending how the existing butchery code is structured it should be fairly easy to add a message on butchering saying “if you had some kind of bucket you could have drained the corpse of blood before butchering” and fill the bucket(s) with blood if you have one. Or add a full blood draining action. Would be especially useful for acid zombies.

I always like the idea of good new uses for things that don’t have many.

That was another thought I forgot to bring up because it was late, but stringing up acid zombies for their blood to make more batteries sounds like a good time.

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Oh god, I just love the idea… am I weird?

I wholeheartedly support ideas in this thread. After all, fried livers are quite tasty.

Fried liver is tasty, stir fried hearts are a big :ok_hand: for me though.

Hmm… interesting. I like to dissasemble stuff in games and dissasembling creatures sounds as fun. :3

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Haha weirdfeelsman. Cant stand to eat those stuff.

Ughh brb *Squeamish Trait

I do think you should be able to harvest acid producing organs from acidic creatures.

Even if not their organs the possibility of harvesting blood is good motivation to drag a spitter off for a slicing. Seeing as they’re already dangerous to pulp. But blood harvesting could open up some new stuff. Blood sausages would just give some initial justification for the feature.