How do you get raw offal now?

The old butchering system made it easy to get raw offal, but how do you get it now? Which butchery mode?

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Raw offal isnt a thing anymore if i remember right.
its been taken apart and divided in Liver, Brain and i think few other organs that i forgot

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I think I have actually gotten it from butchering still but it seems pretty rare and is probably a bug considering how uncommon it is to see

How do I make certain mutagens then? Like feline, for example or beast.

So the PKs Rebalancing edits the mutagen recipies so can I change the offal part to just chunks of meat? Should I replace it like “c̶h̶u̶n̶k̶_̶o̶f̶_̶m̶e̶a̶t̶” or “chunk of meat” or just “meat”?

I just updated the mod and replaced offal with liver in recipes
apparently I miss some changes sometimes, my bad.

I’m probably going to revise the recipes soon, but this is an easy fix for now.


Thank you very much!