Odds and Ends prototype



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Force closed (CTD) during load of your mod… I use cdda on android platform


Some of the itemgroups were missing commas and the 7.63x25G clip was using the wrong ammo. Does release 0.3.1 still cause errors?


I use cdda android O. C-27866

But I’ll try delete both guns and magazine of 7.63x25G… Probably that the causing the problem?


0.3.1 is a new mod release you can download from here: https://github.com/BorkBorkGoesTheCode/Odds-N-Ends-mod-prototype/releases

The clip can be fixed by opening the oe_magazine_763x25G.json file with a text editor and changing the 763x25G_clip ammo_type from “762R” to “763x25G”

The itemgroups can be fixed by replacing mags_obscure in oe_item_groups.json with:

    "type": "item_group",
    "id": "mags_obscure",
    "items": [
      [ "763x25G_clip", 10 ],
      [ "type64mag", 10 ],
      [ "mp18mag", 10 ],
      [ "mp18drum", 10 ],
      [ "bizonmag", 10 ]


My bad… I installed the previous version of your mod… The current version running no problem… Thank you so much for helping me

btw… This mod is a masterpiece