Arcana Error on start up. Need help

How do I resolve this error? It happens when I try to load a world or make a character. I’m playing stable version 0.E and I’ve installed arcana recently from the devs github so it’s updated.
I’m not sure what I need to do to fix this one. Thanks in advance

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//Arcana/achievements.json: line 4:12: unrecognized JSON object

“id”: “achievement_arcana_npc_alexander”,
“name”: “<color_cyan>(Arcana) The Old Man”,
“description”: “Earn the trust of an old survivor.”,

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 887

You need to use a version of the mod that is compatible with the version of the game that you use.

I thought it was updated for stable, but I guess not then :confused:

You might have the opposite issue, the developers current updated version could be well built for the current experimentals, which would not likely work backwards with stable. as far as I know, most mods target the experimentals.

download from my mod compilation

I’ve got the exact same problem, and re downloading the mod compilation from the link you gave me didn’t fix it sadly, do we have any other ways of fixing this? as it is i can’t play the game at all
My game version is 0.E-2

Try searching for a help from affected mod author/maintainer.

When downloading Arcana I believe the latest release is for experimental as default from their GitHub
If you check in their releases page though you can find the 0.E version: