NPCs love to die =/

So in short. From as far back as 300 experimentals back the NPCs have barely worked in regarding to self defense. Anything in the works to fix this behavior?

somehow time has begged the man to god:
my God why you have made the woman such beautiful?

  • of course that you loved her
    but why you have made her such silly?
  • that she loved you.

word, so stupid NPСэs only for this purpose that to you was about whom to care.
these are peculiar SIMS :slight_smile:


It seems more like the outcome of making them so stupid is to make them less regrettable to kill, so less guilt for player, which given CDDAs “grim-dark” attitude seems very appropriate.

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Uh, wut? Me not understanding what you are saying…

It’s about man talking to God, asking why he made women so beautiful. God responds that it was so man would love them.

He then asks why God made them so silly, and God responds that it was so women would love them back.

It’s an amusing little anecdote about human nature, in keeping with the thread title. vivat’s native language appears to be Russian, so all things considered, it’s spoken quite well. Certainly better than I would be able to in Russian.

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Think of it this way:

NPCs aren’t stupid. They’re “Normal”. You, the Survivor, are the hero of the story because you’re so much better at surviving than a normal person.

Take it with a grain of salt, but that’s what I’m going with.

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them being obnoxious makes you as the player feel less remorse in killing them, and even encourages it, dragging you down the dark paths…