NPCs give you a hand quite literally

After begging the NPC in the starting shelter for some items he proceeded to pull down his pants (well, sir, but we just met!) and hold a clockwork gear in his hand. And perforated one of his buttocks with the aforementioned device.

After gesturing it in a wide circular fashion -all this while cursing in ways that would make a sailor blush- he proceeded to take the hanging piece of blooded flesh with the other hand and pull vigorously to finally separate it from his body. Then he handled it to me with a weepy smile.

Or that’s how I imagined it.

In other words, the NPC gave me a chunk of human flesh.

I killed him soon afterwards just to make sure that he wasn’t a cannibal holding a full stack of human flesh. But nope. No more meat. Just a lab coat, a calico with some ammo, purifier, clockworks, expandable baton, inhaler, acid bomb, grenade, royal jelly, dayquil, amplifier circuit, etc. So, my assumption is that he indeed gave me some of HIS flesh.

And they say there’s no generosity in Cataclysm.

[size=5pt] The real question is… did you eat it…?