Here, have some cream soda!

New character, just starting out in the shelter. Strike up a conversation with the NPC that’s there.
Me: Hi, can I help you with anything?
NPC: Sure, can you do this quest for me?
Me: I’d be happy to! But hey, you should give me something for free. After all, I am helping you out…
NPC: Ok, here, you can have this cream soda I’ve got.
NPC proceeds to open the can of cream soda and pour it over my outstretched hand.
Me: Um… thanks?

When an NPC decides to give you a liquid, they should really do so by giving you the container that it’s in, rather than just making a mess on the ground for you to clean up.


Lol, I am reminded of the “how to make a peanut butter sandwich” exercise.

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I guess it’s better than then handing you active grenades. That was a fun time back in the day…

That sounds honestly like a fun stuff to make a thing in-game. Adds some personality to NPCs by having them do infuriating stuff when you ask for freebies.

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Scientist NPC: “Doc McStuffins gives you a flask of hydrochloric acid.”
Your arms hurt!
Your legs hurt!
Your limb breaks!
Watch the last moments of your life?