NPC vehicle deconstruct action has issues with wheels (git 00efc6d7fe)

Every time they leave wheels on, even though they have a bottle jack and wrench nearby - I can take wheels off normally. Today I hit an instance where the wheel hub got removed, but the wheel is still attached. Additionally, I have no idea about the wheel hub’s whereabouts:


was the wheel hub possibly destroyed, and you didnt notice until you went to disassemble it cause it still had ‘enough’ working wheels? cause technically speaking 3 wheels is ‘enough’ to drive a car… just not very well.

as far as the NPC behavior, its just something that’ll have to be smoothed out over time methinks… getting them to some form of autonomy would take time.

If it were destroyed it’d show up as XX, and still disallow removal before the wheel is detached, no? (I neither tested this nor do I remember)

thats if its fully broken, AFAIK it can still be DESTROYED destroyed, and just not be there, though that would be a very rare case as far as cars are concerned… only time i see stuff like that is if a skeletal behemoth is dragging a car around, and clearly that car aint movin anymore through normal means.

Now the NPCs split the vehicle in half. [E]xamine still shows it as being one vehicle, but the two parts aren’t connected any more. On the upside, they now did remove a wheel…


yeah that definitely shouldn’t be happening, especially considering you cant split a vehicle manually.

Being able to split a vehicle manually would sometimes be super convenient, but I understand it’s a pain to code?

well you can split a vehicle by pulling it apart and building it yourself… but i mean like, taking out a frame in the middle.

assumedly this was put in place so that you couldn’t have floating vehicle parts assumedly not connected to anything (could be abused with cameras outside your vehicle to extend your view range and such)

That is also what I meant.

Yeah, I would like it to - at the moment the splitting frame is removed - become multiple ‘vehicles’. It would make it easier to get wrecks out of the road.

“You don’t meet the requirements to remove the roof” is printed as one NPC is deconstructing a vehicle. There’s a hacksaw 2 tiles away and the NPC has strength 7 …

EDIT1: Ugh, it looks the zone manager writes to save file when I update zones. As a result, I reload savegame and end up with zones setup later on…

EDIT2: It looks like it might have reserved the hacksaw in my motorcycle instead of the one on the ground nearby, and the former moved away after telling the NPC what to do.