NPC don't want deconstruct vehicle

So I gave NPC a job - deconstruct vehicle. He did it (most of it, left 2 tiles of vehicle, don’t know why). But now he don’t want to deconstruct second one. Any idea what went bad?

Is it dark? does he have the required skill to remove those parts?

Does he have the required tools to remove it? if the tools are nearby on the floor, are they obscured by one of the vehicle parts?

sometimes i get troubled b that issue too, but i think it is in how they select to deconstruct, have you tried doing it tile by tile? (there are just 2 left anyway) to see if it works, and are you using only one NPC or more?, i have noticed that if you use 2 and they target a part and it gets deconstructed/obstructed the NPC with the conflict stops altogether as if it has finished all the task

Okay… when I put hacksaw to ‘tool zone’ then he works again… but before I could swear that he did nearly entire deconstruction without tools.
Edit: Nevermind, next to vehicle I had toolbox.

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I used 2 of them and probably that’s why they couldn’t deconstruct vehicle to the end.

Yeah, one NPC reserves the part they want to work on, to avoid two NPCs working on the same part at the same time and causing errors.
This means they reserve the part, they get there, they realise they cant work on it, the reservation is removed, but by that time, other NPCs have ignored that part too.

If you tell them to do it again, with the required tools nearby, and enough skills, they should eventually get it done, and not get in each others way.