Npc Flee Attitude

What in particular effects how NPC’s initially react to a player? Even unarmed and unarmored all npc’s I’ve met in most of my recent games have been stuck in a Flee state and showing up red instead of purple. I don’t have terrifying or anything so I was wonder what sort of threshholds there are for when Npc’s would just be permanently afraid of you and there is nothing you can do about it. I’ve only killed one and that’s because he was bashing my truck or would that do enough for other npc’s to consider me dangerous. Do worn weapons count fully even not in hand? I’m curious how this actually works as I would like to try this npc camp thing.

I think there’s a value for intimidation that looks at your weapon value and armor value, so if you’re rocking some end game armor and a hmg they probably wont want to get near you…

If you have a gun, are really strong, are a sapiovore, are terrifying, or have mutations that increase your ugliness, all of those will increase an NPC’s fear. Ugliness from mutations also reduces NPC trust.

NPCs won’t talk to you if their fear of you is greater than their bravery + 10 or their trust of you is less than -8. If they won’t talk to you, they will try to kill you if their fear of you minus twice their aggression and minus their bravery is less than -30, and otherwise they will flee from you.

So apparently you’re scary enough to be too intimidating to talk to, and too scary to fight, so they run away.

Giving you some difficult way to calm down fleeing NPCs is something I want to add after 0.D releases.


I think with that explanation a lot of it is a degree of uglyness then. I don’t even have boots on let alone armor, though I do have a crossbow. Hard to imagine a shirtless, shoeless bloke cutting trees in a bit of fine summer weather being that scary even if he’s ugly as sin. Maybe if I dump the makeshift crossbow off my back they’ll be more conversational, only been meeting unarmed npc’s so that may be enough for em. Wonder if holsters carrying tools inspire fear rating disproportional with their less than lethal contents.

Thanks for the detailed rundown of the math! I’ll see if I can get unscary enough to chat with without getting stabbed or shot instead.

Bro, if it was the apocalypse and I saw a shirtless and shoeless man with an ax and crossbow in the woods, Id probably run even if they weren’t ugly…


Theres actually a surprising amount that goes into it

The value of your weapon, Your STR, your HP, if your drunk or high or on stimulants, if you are ugly, whether the NPC needs food or drink. And your mutations as mlangsdorf said.