Using bandages/first aid kits/etc on NPCs

I’ve had a bad problem with NPC companions not considering 5 or less bandages valuable enough to accept in trade. Between that and their apparently inability to take a break and heal over time like the player does when sleeping, it would be useful if you could just use bandages on NPCs.

Dunno whether it’d be most efficient to add that as an extra option when using healing items, or to add it as an “e” menu when examining NPCs, same way you get a menu for interacting with enslaved zombies. The later would possibly be most complex to code, but would be less annoying than giving one extra step to the task of using a bandage.

There is a PR waiting for testing that would allow NPCs to get tired and sleep.

That would be an interesting alternative, but I’d still prefer using bandages on them. Giving them equipment that they won’t barter on would be nice too. >w>

Applying medical care would also take care of the problem with pets right now, which is that their health is finite and non-restorable.

That too, yes. Though the ability to more directly heal NPCs is useful as well.


i would like them to get tired and sleep.
They should also get hungry and thirsty.
And we should be able to nurse them directly with first aid kits/bandages.

Having some distinction between trade and equipment you’re giving them would be nice, at least for recruited companions. >w>

ability to manage your team inventories will be great too i personaly rarely play with npcs because followers are too stupid to stop using his USP 9mm without ammo while i given him USP .45 and 200 of .45 ammo
or when they use thier chocolade pancake to beat zombies to death and not that katana that i forged for them in my forge powered by sun

Eventually NPCs are intended to eat, receive first aid and even orders. Eventually.

but keeping your army not hungry and dehydrated will be hard without inventory management

When they start understanding how to drop items, they will get better.

Currently they are totally incapable of dropping items.

If they can understand things like ownership and borrowing, that would be nice as well.

I would love complex things like having companions hold stuff for you and giving it back without having to buy it from them. Or even assigning situations in which they can hand you supplies back without prompting, like if you run low of ammo and they’ve been given a surplus of it to lug around.

I would love an assistant automatic rifleman NPC handing me more ammo next time I’m playing with an M249. o3o