Better NPC Fights

Fighting with NPCs needs a few improvements. I know NPCs are currently a “we’re working on it” area, but I haven’t heard any suggestions about combat with NPCs.

First thing: visible health for NPCs. I have no idea how the fight is going with an NPC unless I individually add up every attack I do. Perhaps if I looked over the NPC, I could get an estimation of their health, like the health system when you don’t have the self-aware trait?

Second: firefights. Picking a fight with an NPC who has a gun is a terrible idea, but perhaps there could be a basic implementation of a cover system to allow PCs wth guns to strike back. Perhaps there could be a “fire out of cover” command that works like the peek command, except with firing instead of looking?

That’s all my suggestions for now. Thoughts?

It’s hard to estimate how injured an NPC is. You could only see major wounds or when he is in pain/agony or bleeding.

As far as i know , NPC’s are far from taking cover in gun fights and the gun fights are rare enough for the devs not to waste their time and instead improve NPC’s by making them not to crash the game and be actually more than a friendly zombie that teaches you martial arts.

I wasn’t suggesting that they should take cover themselves, and I don’t think you can tell if they’re injured or not. At least, I haven’t seen any ways of doing so. Anyway, when they do start making them more then a friendly zombie, what’s wrong with a few suggestions on what could be cool?

For now they do a very good job as walking/running/fleeing treasure chests.

Don’t forget the occasional martial artist that somehow climbs in your closed truck and punches your eyes.