Could it be made so that NPCs don't go so insane when you kindly ask them for supplies?

So, someone asks me to get them a religious book, I simply ask for supplies (not using intimidate) and she says something like: “I’ll beat you so hard anyone that just looks like you will hurt!”
Our chat was perfectly fine and peaceful, she in no way had any indication of being any sort of jerk at all. Then that happened.
This kind of thing has happened with several other cases, I’m talking peacefully with someone, they give me a quest, I kindly ask for supplies, and they suddenly want to beat me up, or potentially straight murder me in some cases if I ask again.
Not only is this stupid and unrealistic, but it’s immersion breaking. I don’t expect everyone to have a perfectly nice reply, possibly a bit sassy or sarcastic, but this kind of reaction is extremely unwarranted.

Things it could be are:
“Sorry, no, I don’t have enough to share.”
“Heck no, I need this!”
“I can’t trust you enough to give you my supplies!”
“That’s not good enough reasoning for me.”
“Yaaaa, no. I’m good. Not really into that.”
“I bet you’d just waste it on something stupid.”
“No, sorry.”
“Complete your end of the deal then I might.”
“I need everything I can get. Not enough to go around sharing.”

Go ahead and contribute the changes. NPC dialogue is nearly 100% implemented in JSON at this point, and the data structures are fairly well documented.

Okay, I’ll go ahead and do that once I get new mouse batteries, mine are kinda dead and trying to mess around with files using the touchscreen on my computer is nigh impossible.
Although it does allow me to freely play CDDA still.
Not sure when I’ll get new batteries, but hopefully soon. I’ll also need to brush up on my modding knowledge a bit, especially since I’m thinking of doing a couple other things.