NPC Refugee Suggestion Thread. AKA: N.R.S.T

Now, with the Refugee Bases added… It’s time for the N.R.S.T Project to kick in, because power to the people!

List all of your ideas for the NPCs, The Base itself, Random NPCS, Bandit Camps, and generally anything to deal with other survivors.
Oh, and keep in mind if it was already suggested, don’t bring it up. Research people!

Starting with the N.R.S.T Project Suggestion List…
Refugee Shelters right now can barely deal with a horde that looks it’s way, so I was thinking about Refugee Shelter Stats
Yes, More Stats!
Basically, when a Refugee Shelter spawns, it will come preloaded with four stats, from a minimum of -1, to a max of +5

Structure: Essentially, what the core building’s size, length, windows, and if it has any unique modifiers.
Defensiveness: This affects what’s protecting the Refugee Base… A +3 would possibly spawn a Chain Link Fence, or something similar, while a max level one would even spawn a Mine Field, and even have Sandbags!
Supplies: You should know the idea, -1 is basically they have a SERIOUS lack of supplies, while a high level suggests farmers.
Morals: -1 Suggests Cannibals and other things… +5 should suggestion Lawful/Stupid Good Paladins.

Some of the stats CAN’T be increased if one’s low, Supplies that suffers from Low Morals actually regains Supplies at 2x rate, while Structure with High Defensiveness just can’t exist.
Also, two UNIQUE stats, which have very, very serious consequences.

Population: The lower it is, the more sparse the guards are, less merchants etc…
Horde Awareness: Only goes to 0 to 2. 0 means the base has low amounts of noise and doesn’t attract to many, where 2 yells out: GUYS THERE’S A ANGRY HORDE COMING FLEE!! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!!
One also suggests: Guys, their’s more of them out there then yesterday…