Non player faction things to do with npcs

preface: I am a programmer by trade, and i utterly abhor touching anything programing related in my free time as what was once a job of love is now one of hate. so my motivation to upkeep this is going to be 0 if i make it, and honestly theres like a 50% chance ill give up halfway through making it. Ive not done anything for cdda, so i dont know what etiquette for this is, or if i should make this a mod or propose it to the base game or whatever.

currently, it is possible to collect absolute swarms (i regularly get over 30 doing a not that thorough sweep of a region) of npcs through mi-gos, frozen labs, and borgs. As a player, it doesnt feel good or within rp for many characters to ditch these guys in their naked in hostile territory/stranded/dying state. So i want to slap together a duplicate refugee center, but one thats been depopulated by crisis/didnt get that many refugees/has been recently set up by the old guard/whatever and you can just turn over your npcs to. I would prefer to set up a store that tracks number of npcs given to improve, maxing out at probably 300 npcs giving primarily raw resources. Probably also add in a dialogue with the npc where you can choose to join and it just game overs you as you are now a vault dweller. and thats it. Its possible to expand this with more features if someone else has actual motivation, but i just want to make my save files smaller and not have to spend my own time setting up faction camps for these dweebs. I havent looked at anything other than the jsons of cdda myself for small modifications i play with, so i do not know how implementing stores/npcs/map shit works or what is possible/easy within engine without risking other peoples work. so if someone with actual knowledge of cddas code could let me know what im getting myself into if i do this i would really appreciate it, as well as let me know if i should make this a mod or figure out the github for proposals. I would also appreciate if people could suggest the most lore appropriate and good story setup for the faction.

Thats a lot to read, but if ya wanna do things with the npcs, play some dress up.

Find them cabins/houses and some cars

Give them guns! Make em make crafts! Have them learn mechanics and help ya build some Tanks

Live the dream and build your own community or reclaim one from the undead!