Adding an NPC - Kickstarter EXPLORER tier, how?

How and when can I submit a NPC description? Never got or missed the inquiry via Kickstarter.

There’s a catch-thread in the Library, though at the moment the best we can do is a Static NPC who is likely holed up in the refugee center or held captive in/by the assorted bandit camps. Once we have more locations, I anticipate farming out the NPCs to more varied places.

(One place I’d like to implement is a Suspiciously Not-Shaolin Asian retreat in the forest somewhere, for example. Getting the head of steam up for that has been a while. If there’s a push for folks who want to be of a particular type we can see about implementing 'em in other locations, and possibly if someone wants a building others can show up to staff it.)

I’m working with GlyphGryph on the matter, FWIW. He’s been a bit tied up with personal issues–but we’ve not forgotten you, no worries.