NPC Needs

Self explanatory title…do they have needs? My follower keeps saying things about a burger, will he die if he doesn’t eat? Or if he doesn’t drink? If I have them set not to pick up items I’m assuming I’ll have to hand them food?

He won’t die, but he will get debuffs. If you feed him, he will like you more and let you change his equipment freely, feed him mutagens etc.

I’m really loving these new experimental features…this is the most immersive game I’ve ever played. And you’re just an @. Suck it, Dying Light

Just ran into a bug where I got tired of feeding my 3 NPC followers, so I went into a fully-stocked grocery store and told them all that they can pick up whatever items they want. Well. They did.

My message log was full for actual minutes of me pressing 5 repeatedly, and after eating two boxes of dry oatmeal, one of my NPCs heads exploded and the other NPCs ran to snatch his gear. What the heck



Lol really? now I have to try that. He he.

HAHAHAHAH I love this