I think NPC needs are currently bugged


NPC needs are enabled in my world. If they’re starving they don’t eat and you have to manually feed them daily until they’re back to normal. I feed my NPCs about 20 meat pizzas (500+ cals each) every few hours in order to increase their stored calorie count. My character is a gourmand and he can’t even eat that much in one setting! Even when they’re back to normal, they eat about 10-15 meat pizzas everyday. However for some reason they can only eat 3 or 4 cucumber sandwiches (even though the cals for said sandwiches are around 200 - an another bug for another time). Other times they’re starving, have food and don’t even eat/drink at all!

I have enough food for everyone but it is very tedious when you want to get rid of the NPCs’ ‘Starving’ tags and you have to do it everyday.

Have to disable NPC needs for the time being - I’ll develop carpal tunnel at this rate.

Build 9268.


Yes, this is why NPC needs disabled is a default-on mod.
They dont really know how to feed themselves well at the moment, it’s been like that for years.

NPC needs appeared to work fine before (many many months ago). If there were issues they weren’t really noticeable. If you give them water/food they ate/drink what was necessary to get out of hunger/thirst status. I think things got worse when the new hunger/stomach system as well as the changes in turns/time were added. Now they don’t know when to eat nor how much to eat.

I’m know nothing about coding but is it possible to set specific areas/tiles in a base/vehicle where NPCs on guard will automatically go to eat, drink, and sleep?

that’s what the “NPC need disable” mod is for
unless you give them food they’re helpless

NPCs set to guard don’t need to eat and as far as I know don’t need to sleep either. Setting
an area where the NPC can pickup food to eat is a good idea. They can sleep just about anywhere
but I’m not sure if the ‘comfort’ level of the tile they’re on affects their sleep.

The problem is that because of recent changes giving them food makes them more helpless now so it essentially the same as not giving them food. I’ve already disabled NPC needs in my world but now my food stockpile keeps growing and growing! Can’t stop planting crops and hunting/fishing though…must hoard more food! :slight_smile:

However, after telling them to follow you after guarding without being fed, they are starving. Not sure if this will kill them while guarding, but they are a lot weaker due to starvation.