Npc limb recovery regressing

An npc broke a limb, i crafted and made her use a splint, the limb started recovering, it said so on the stats screen and when i examined wounds. I could see the progress and checked it every now and then it went from 0% to 15% but now its clearly going backwards it went down to 11% and then 9%

Im guessing shes taking damage but all the other parts of her body are at max health. She also has an hypovolemic shock thats not going by itself after many weeks, and weirdly enough, she has -6680 warmth on hands and feet, despite my tries of making her put on new clothes there to see if the value updated correctly.

Am I missing something? Are all these three things (recovering going back, the hypovolemic shock not going away, and the -6k warmth) features or is it just bugged?

cold damage or heat damage still counts as limb damage

I’d say they are closely related.

Broken limbs are lacking the necessary blood circulation. This leads to the body part cooling down quite a bit (can also be observed on player characters).

Having a hypovolemic shock of intensity of at least 2 (= Moderate hypovolemic shock) can lead to (temporary) extreme temperature dips of hands and feet (see related code).

At some point the body part might get cold enough that they take freezing damage on it, which in turn lowers the internal recovery timer (see list “Mending factors” at the end of my post in another topic).

In short: No, this is not a bug. It seems to work as designed.

Well solved it. It wasnt a bug. I apparently had to fed her. I thought npc needs were off but apparently they do actually need food for some stuff.
Feeding her water made the hypovolemic shock eventually go away, and feeding her food made the limb start recovering properly.
She still has -6000 warmth on hands and feet but that doesnt seem to impact limb recovery now.

I’m looking forward to the new meta of shoving starved cripples in pantries to refrigerate food.


Hey, physics is physics. So, for morale purposes, would that be a step above or a step below cannibalism?