NPC Improvement and More Quest

Just asking if there is a significant improvement on npc A.I. or will there be. And are there also new quest that are added just recently.

I didn’t have time in the most recent experimental to do much with NPC AI[1]. KorGgenT did some overhaul work recently that will let NPCs cast spells, and I have plans to make NPCs capable of attacking vehicles directly, but those are things intended for after 0.F releases.

As far as new missions go, there’s roughly a lot. Hub-01 is up to at least 3 or 4 missions, there’s the entire Isherwood farm community, the Lighthouse family mission chains, apparently Alfonso in the refugee center has something, and there’s a couple of other miscellaneous NPCs that have missions. I can’t even keep track of it any more. The days when there were some random quests, 8 missions at the refugee center, and a pile of fetch quests at the refugee ranch are long gone.

[1] belated missing footnote: I did start work on the talker infrastructure, which will at some point enable talking cars, intelligent swords, and conversations with dragons and other monsters, but it didn’t really improve or change the tactical NPC AI. I wanted to do more, but got distracted by life.

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