Is there any intention of having more 'detailed' NPC interactions in the future?

—Well, it’s not toooo bad, but I wish there was a little bit more involved with the NPCs. It just seems kinda, well, lackluster a lot of the time. For example, whenever I meet them there is usually one of four things that happens: 1) They run away from me for one reason or another 2) They attack me 3) They just end up walking around randomly, give me a quest and die before I can complete it 4) They join my cause simply because they can ‘protect me’
—And then there are things like this /
Me: "Here is the flag you wanted, I guess"
NPC: "Yay! You are my best friend ever!"
Me: “Suuuure, fine by me I guess.”
—They don’t have any traits, which always makes me a little sad. I’d LOVE to meet someone who is has just a couple cool mutations (Not enough to count as a full on mutant) or someone that heals faster, someone quick, someone strong, maybe an NPC could be an albino and I’d need to deal with that just to add a little more realism.
—NPC: "I need an inhaler!"
Me: “Here you go”
*Never needs one ever again despite that fact that it probably ran out a year ago.
—There is just so much stuff that I think should be changed or added, some of it is fairly simple, some of it is a bit bigger.

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You’d have to go digging but there are several NPC overhaul pulls and issues on GitHub. It’s a system that’s eventually going to get the spit and shine polish, but it’s been back burner for a while since the current system technically works.

NPCs really need a memory.

They really need a lot of things, but yeah, I’d rank memory pretty high up. I’d like to see significant changes into what you can order an NPC to do. Dreams of my own refugee center.

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Nothing about NPCs is simple >_<

There’s a PR series in progress adressing this.

And the ability to realize I just threw a grenade and they shouldn’t be walking that direction to engage in melee.

@proxiehunter Reminds me of the first couple times I tried out grenades and forgot that each of my steps was about 150, (so 2 steps was worth 3 turns) and I died a lot…
At least I went out in a spectacular way…:grin: